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Gardening is no less popular now than it was ten years ago. What is certain, is that gardening for most folks has changed. The changes have come about in the main by a changing lifestyle - often with fewer hours to spend on gardening, and of course because of the television coverage of all manner of gardening events and subjects.

Gardening is going from strength to strength, and is a great hobby to have - especially in these increasingly busy times. There is nothing quite so satisfying as starting your plants off and seeing them reach maturity - giving you a show of colour in what is becoming a stressful life. Take time out for your garden. Your life will be fuller for it!

To get you off to a good start, we are starting a new section simply about How to Garden! If you feel there is a subject that deserves more attention, please feel free to contact us.

We re-introduce the Flowertime Project  which had to be put on ice last year.

We also re-introduce our Gardening Events Section

Miscanthus sinensis - Ornamental grassOrnamental Grasses 
Our expanding section contains information about Ornamental Grasses in the Garden. Grasses have become an important aspect of many gardens. Look to find out why.

Grasses take on a new 'look' through autumn and early winter.

Penstemon Burgundy - Hardy evergreen perennial

We have at long last started our section about herbaceous perennials. This is an invaluable group of garden plants and now is a good time to be thinking forward to next year - and determine to plant some.
Penstemon Burgundy

Lilium Touching - Garden Lly

Flowering Bulbs in the Garden
The gardening year is starting so the next big 'gardening event' for many, will be arrival of the spring flowering bulbs.
You might like to start looking at the catalogues and see what summer flowering bulbs you can order. If you are impressed with your own - or others' show of spring flowering bulbs, you might want to take bulb planting a stage further with some summer flowering bulbs!

Begonia Fireworks

House Plants for the Winter.
Take your gardening indoors for the winter months by way of a good selection of houseplants. Some houseplants are very easy to grow and keep indoors - we give you some ideas.
Foliage or flowers? The choice is yours.


Whilst talking of shrubs, it may also be that you would like to visit our advice about trees section

And maybe you will need a bit if Christmas tree care advice.

Our target and mission statement if you like, is to keep ahead of the changes and bring them to you on this website. We have many new feature sections in the pipeline and as always - we will keep it seasonal. If you think that we are not covering your own particular subject - or problems maybe - then tell us here. We will listen. We want to make this your site for gardening advice and information.  

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